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Teacher Links Locker
4/27/18 8:28 AM
4/27/18 8:28 AM

Teacher Links

Elementary P.E. Logs - Use this site to verify your PE Minutes.

Teacher's Portal Site - Use this website to certify for Williams Sufficiency. 

My Math Log On - Use this site to connect to our Math Books

Elementary Curriculum Mapsaccess the curriculum map information

AR Book Finder -  Use this website to Level your books.

Black Board - ConnectMake announcements for parents.

MiSiS - Online Attendance, Report Card and Grade book System.

Ticket to Read Management - Use this site to manage your students and assignments for Ticket to Read.

Core K12 - Use this site to enter and print Assessment Score.

DIBLES Assessment - mCLASS Assessment is used to input your DIBLES scores.

Dibles Results - Here you can run reports for Dibles.

Single Sign-On - Use this site to update change or modify your single sign on.

Common Core Tests - Use this link to find sample questions for Smarter Balanced Test.

Manage SBAC Tests - Use this link to manage your testing sessions for the SBAC.

CALL Survey - Use this website to access the CALL Survey

Learning Zone - Use this website to find and register for classes or PD.

3rd Grade Video for Assessment - Used for the 2nd Interim Assessment.

4th Grade Video for AssessmentUsed for the 2nd Interim Assessment.

CAASPP - Use this website to manage the SBAC Tests and Practice Test.

MED Website - Multilingual and Multicultural Education Department

Staff School Survey -  to take the School experience Survey